A change has come

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Over the past several months, big changes have happened at Wild Child Publishing. We phased out our magazine section and have focused strictly our publishing house. It was a sad decision, but necessary. We have some wonderful ebooks and print books available and a new look. If you haven’t stopped by, come check us out. You’ll be amazed at our transformation.



Fairytale Contest and Piers Anthony interview

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Hey everyone!

I promised I’d let you know when WCP was holding our “Fairytale Contest“. Well, we’ve finally decided exactly what we wanted, when it’s going to happen, and how much we are awarding. You can find out all the pertinent info by following the links.

Piers Anthony agreed to do an interview with us. Matter of fact, he has already answered our questions for the interview. That interview will be online in April. I will also be reviewing his latest collection of short stories available through Venus Press.

Other news: Freya’s Bower goes live March 5th. We are insanely busy right now, but that is nothing new. Sometimes, I honestly wonder what I am thinking — if I’m thinking at all. You know, my life seems to be ever moving forward. I marvel at how I manage to accomplish anything, to be honest. Sometimes, there just doesn’t seem to be a moment to breathe let alone do anything else. I guess that is how life is for most people.

Well, I hope we will see some of you submitting at WC.

Good luck!

You never know unless you ask.

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It’s true. You never do. So, on Saturday, I shot off an email to Piers Anthony to see if he would be willing to do an interview for WCP. The worst he could say was “no”, right? But, if he said “yes”, how cool would that be? He said “yes”. That’s right. I will be interviewing Mr. Anthony for the April issue of WCP. Is that cool or what? Barry, our only boy editor, is working on the interview with Ray Bradbury.

In other news, I received an email today that surprised me. It was a nice surprise. Evidently, Preditors/Editors conducts a poll every year about the best editors of online magazines/e-zines. I was nominated and actually placed… at the very bottom of the list, but I still placed. Maybe if I had known, I could have influenced the vote in my favor. I would have informed people, but I wouldn’t have tried to get them to vote for me… unless they thought I deserved it, of course.
I posted some recipes at WCP. Why would I do that? Well, because these are a bit different than the norm. I discovered that it’s hard to find recipes with almond meal on the web. One of these are either made up completely and the other I took another recipe and altered it to fit what I wanted. Am I the only one who does this, or is it common? I know my neighbor does this, but is this common amongst everyone who cooks after a while? Maybe we should do a poll to find out. LOL

I’ve also posted a new Bitch. The person who upset me was a family member (not my husband), not a friend. So, all you friends out there, don’t worry about it. I just couldn’t state that it was that person. Make sense?

We are drawing ever closer to the March deadline of Freya’s Bower. So far, we have at least three published authors interested in publishing with us… and we haven’t even opened yet. Exciting, huh?

Okay. The babe is awake. I must go.


Money for your stories, articles, and poems? Yup. It can happen.

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Hey all you WordPress writers out there. I thought I’d let you know that WC has increased our payment to the winner of the Editors’ Choice Award. We are now awarding four Editors’ Choice Awards: one for the best fiction piece ($25), one for the best non-fiction piece ($25), one for the best poem ($15), and one for the best piece written by a young adult writer (13-22 years old). So, if you write, you may want to submit to WC. Be sure to read the submission guidelines before submitting.

Remember, if you are interested in learning how to write sex scenes, Faith teaches an awesome workshop on this very subject. And Shawn, SRHowen, teaches a workshop on writing highly effective synopses with a bonus class on a get-you-noticed query letter. The workshops are very affordable ($65) and not taught anywhere else.

Also, we will be launching our sister site, Freya’s Bower, in March. It is a romantica, erotica publishing company. We already have established authors interested in publishing with us as well as our first ebook of short erotica, romantica stories titled Woman of Unknown Origins. It will be about 45,000 words of seven or eight short stories sure to heat up any cold night or infuse passion into your marriage.


Martin Luther King, Jr holiday

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I have a beef with this being a national holiday. No, it’s not because I have anything against King. He was a bright light during a dark time. My issue is that no one recognizes all of the others who preceded him, making it possible for him to do what he did. And there were many. Civil rights has been in the works since colonial times. Women were fighting for their rights; abolitionists were fighting to rid America of slavery. The abolitionists became more militant in the 1830s, culminating in the Civil War, which was not about slavery no matter what many history teachers say. King has many people to thank for his ability to be able to speak as he did:

William Lloyd Garrison, one of the first well-known abolitionists

Frederick Douglass, another very well-known abolitionist

Susan B. Anthony, a suffragist and abolitionist

Elizabeth Cady Standon, suffragist and abolitionist

David Walker, abolitionist

Harriet Beecher Stowe, author and abolitionist

Sojourner Truth, abolitionist and freed slave

Alice Paul

Rosa Parks

As well as many, many others who are less well-known or not known at all. What bothers me is everyone else is forgotten in this desire to honor King. He was not the only one, not to mention the three young men who died in their quest for civil rights. Many of these people gave their lives, and I mean, spent their entire lives fighting for civil rights. So, why do we forget them? I have my theories, but I will let you make your own.

What do I suggest? A Civil Rights Day. This would be a day to recognize everyone who worked to create a better society by fighting for the rights of us all.

The eBooks section has arrived!

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Two years and several servers after our first attempt to make eBooks available through WC is open for business. The first grouping of eBooks we are offering are 12 Moon Journals, one for each zodiac sign. I am in the process of editing another eBook we’ve accepted for publication and I believe a few of our other editors have MS’s waiting for them to look over. If you have a manuscript you think WC might be interested in publishing, take a look at our submission guidelines for ebooks. Be sure to read it over carefully. It saves everyone time.

As for me and my Christmas? All turned out well. Aurora came home with a pirate’s treasure. She is now enjoying her toys. My sister, the one in the car accident, didn’t get a DUI, is alive and at home. She has vowed off of alcohol and is clean and sober… at least for the time being. I will keep sending her energy and light to support her desire to stay away from alcohol.

News Years was quiet. We stayed in and off the roads, probably the best idea. We did go out for dinner, though, and traffic was very light, surprisingly.

Okay. I have a list of items I want to accomplish. I’ll be around later.


Theme tree or hodgepodge tree?

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That’s what I ask you. Which do you prefer? My preference is definitely a hodgepodge tree. My reasons are many, but the main one is that on a hodgepodge tree, there is always something new to discover. I have known a number of people over the years who do themed trees. While quite pretty, they just don’t do it for me. But then, I grew up on the hodgepodge tree.

One year, my sister had a themed tree. She was into the Victorian that year. (It was the early 90’s after all.) She spent quite a bit of money on the ornaments and bows for her 7′ tree. It was very pretty, but it’s not the same. When I have finished decorating mine, I will post a picture. I think adding a red bead garland adds a certain panache to the tree as well, making it seem richer than it actually is. LOL I am still in the process of putting that on. As we have our tree backed up to our built-in bookcase, it’s not easy reaching around the back alone. The last thing I have to do is find my tree topper. It’s somewhere in the storage bins. I just haven’t found it yet. πŸ˜‰

My husband bought a new digital camera Sunday. While there was nothing wrong, per se, with our old one, it was about three years old and seemed to be getting slower with every passing photo. Adults might be willing to smile for four or five seconds, but a child with a play agenda on her mind is not. With our old camera, I was almost always just missing that smile and catching the side of her head. LOL This one is much faster. I am still playing with the camera, but I like it much more than the old one. What is it? A Canon A620. It may not have the 10x optical zoom of our old camera, but it is 7.1 megapixels and very slick and easy to use. And, it was cheaper than our old one when we bought it new. Don’t get me wrong. Our old one was a great camera for its time (Olympus C-700) and was wonderful to have with us on our honeymoon in Tahiti. There were several places where the optical zoom was a nice bonus, but now? Now, we need something with a little more zip, higher megapixels and more compact. The view finder is also larger on the Canon. I am enjoying the new toy. LOL Of course, my husband, Mr. Gadget Boy, was beside himself with excitement. LOLOL

Some photos from the new camera:

The Tongue Brigade

The tongue brigade
Smiling with Daddy
Daddy and baby
Sweet, huh? πŸ™‚


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I found this test at Null Bit’s blog. I am:

What Famous Leader Are You?
personality tests by similarminds.com

Hm… emaciated? I don’t think so. I just had some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. That’s not going to put me on the emaciated list any time soon. LOL

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

What was I thinking?

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I must be insane to start another blog! πŸ˜€ Between a 15th month old child, a husband, and an online magazine, I have how much time? (grin) Well, I’m a glutton for punishment, that’s what I am. Or maybe I just like to talk, even if it is to myself. (grin)

This is my child. The one I spend most of my time playing with, watching, teaching, and learning a lot about me. She is sweet, smart, lovable, and exasperating, but I wouldn’t have her any other way. πŸ™‚

The Charmer


The Imp


The Singer


The Scholar


As you may have guessed, that last photo is with her dad. And, yes, she can sit for a good 30 minutes on his, or my, lap reading. It’s quite amazing, but then we are constantly amazed by her. πŸ™‚

What about my magazine? Oh, well, that is my other “job”. I am the editor in chief for Wild Child Publishing.com. It’s definitely not a hobby, but it is a passion.

Hm… I have some down time while Aurora takes a nap. I think I’ll work on the magazine.:)

If I am not back before Thanksgiving, enjoy your Turkey Day! And if you are not American, give thanks anyway. We often forget to express gratitude for all that we have.


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