Money for your stories, articles, and poems? Yup. It can happen.

January 28, 2006 at 2:22 am | Posted in The Good, Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Hey all you WordPress writers out there. I thought I’d let you know that WC has increased our payment to the winner of the Editors’ Choice Award. We are now awarding four Editors’ Choice Awards: one for the best fiction piece ($25), one for the best non-fiction piece ($25), one for the best poem ($15), and one for the best piece written by a young adult writer (13-22 years old). So, if you write, you may want to submit to WC. Be sure to read the submission guidelines before submitting.

Remember, if you are interested in learning how to write sex scenes, Faith teaches an awesome workshop on this very subject. And Shawn, SRHowen, teaches a workshop on writing highly effective synopses with a bonus class on a get-you-noticed query letter. The workshops are very affordable ($65) and not taught anywhere else.

Also, we will be launching our sister site, Freya’s Bower, in March. It is a romantica, erotica publishing company. We already have established authors interested in publishing with us as well as our first ebook of short erotica, romantica stories titled Woman of Unknown Origins. It will be about 45,000 words of seven or eight short stories sure to heat up any cold night or infuse passion into your marriage.




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