Money for your stories, articles, and poems? Yup. It can happen.

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Hey all you WordPress writers out there. I thought I’d let you know that WC has increased our payment to the winner of the Editors’ Choice Award. We are now awarding four Editors’ Choice Awards: one for the best fiction piece ($25), one for the best non-fiction piece ($25), one for the best poem ($15), and one for the best piece written by a young adult writer (13-22 years old). So, if you write, you may want to submit to WC. Be sure to read the submission guidelines before submitting.

Remember, if you are interested in learning how to write sex scenes, Faith teaches an awesome workshop on this very subject. And Shawn, SRHowen, teaches a workshop on writing highly effective synopses with a bonus class on a get-you-noticed query letter. The workshops are very affordable ($65) and not taught anywhere else.

Also, we will be launching our sister site, Freya’s Bower, in March. It is a romantica, erotica publishing company. We already have established authors interested in publishing with us as well as our first ebook of short erotica, romantica stories titled Woman of Unknown Origins. It will be about 45,000 words of seven or eight short stories sure to heat up any cold night or infuse passion into your marriage.



Martin Luther King, Jr holiday

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I have a beef with this being a national holiday. No, it’s not because I have anything against King. He was a bright light during a dark time. My issue is that no one recognizes all of the others who preceded him, making it possible for him to do what he did. And there were many. Civil rights has been in the works since colonial times. Women were fighting for their rights; abolitionists were fighting to rid America of slavery. The abolitionists became more militant in the 1830s, culminating in the Civil War, which was not about slavery no matter what many history teachers say. King has many people to thank for his ability to be able to speak as he did:

William Lloyd Garrison, one of the first well-known abolitionists

Frederick Douglass, another very well-known abolitionist

Susan B. Anthony, a suffragist and abolitionist

Elizabeth Cady Standon, suffragist and abolitionist

David Walker, abolitionist

Harriet Beecher Stowe, author and abolitionist

Sojourner Truth, abolitionist and freed slave

Alice Paul

Rosa Parks

As well as many, many others who are less well-known or not known at all. What bothers me is everyone else is forgotten in this desire to honor King. He was not the only one, not to mention the three young men who died in their quest for civil rights. Many of these people gave their lives, and I mean, spent their entire lives fighting for civil rights. So, why do we forget them? I have my theories, but I will let you make your own.

What do I suggest? A Civil Rights Day. This would be a day to recognize everyone who worked to create a better society by fighting for the rights of us all.

WC Writing Workshops

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Yup, we up and did it, people. We are now offering two writing workshops:

The Ins and Outs of Writing Sex Scenes — taught by Faith.


After “The End” or Synopses Suck, but they don’t have to. — taught by SR Howen.

It’s cool. We’re excited. We can take both credit card and PayPal. And they are reasonably priced: $65 for a four week course. Cool, eh? LOL We think so. Just follow the links for more info.


Teething baby/PMS-ing mommy… bad combination

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My daughter is going through another bout with teething. Just when I had decided to stop the nighttime nursing, she has a few more teeth coming in. What does that mean? Mom is the pacifier or hours and hours of crying at night. I need my sleep. But what happens when teething pains and PMS coincide? A nuclear explosion. Okay. It’s not that bad, but my husband does an awful lot of holding her while she cries for me. That sounds awful, but when my hormones are raging, it’s best to let him deal with her than have me lose my patience and yell at her. Fortunately, PMS is only a couple of days out of the month. (Right, honey? ๐Ÿ˜€ hahahahaha)
At WC, I wanted to add a subdomain for the purpose of selling romantica ebooks. My associate editors have been suggesting it for months, but I have been reluctant. (Not because I don’t like romantica, but more because of the extra work involved. We are already fairly busy editing our regular ebooks section and the magazine. I am also fairly busy marketing what we already have.) However, we’ll be doing it. Now that I’ve committed myself to the project, I am very excited about it. Visions of how the new site will look runs through my head. It’s quite enthralling. It will be a month or more before the new site is up and running, but it’s definitely a subsidiary of WC.

We are also offering writing workshops come next Tuesday. So far, we have two: The Ins and Outs of Writing Sex Scenes, Part I and The Art of Writing Query Letters and Synopses. Both are four week courses. We are very excited about these as well. If you are interested in either of them, come and sign up. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, little miss has awoken. I’ll return later.

The eBooks section has arrived!

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Two years and several servers after our first attempt to make eBooks available through WC is open for business. The first grouping of eBooks we are offering are 12 Moon Journals, one for each zodiac sign. I am in the process of editing another eBook we’ve accepted for publication and I believe a few of our other editors have MS’s waiting for them to look over. If you have a manuscript you think WC might be interested in publishing, take a look at our submission guidelines for ebooks. Be sure to read it over carefully. It saves everyone time.

As for me and my Christmas? All turned out well. Aurora came home with a pirate’s treasure. She is now enjoying her toys. My sister, the one in the car accident, didn’t get a DUI, is alive and at home. She has vowed off of alcohol and is clean and sober… at least for the time being. I will keep sending her energy and light to support her desire to stay away from alcohol.

News Years was quiet. We stayed in and off the roads, probably the best idea. We did go out for dinner, though, and traffic was very light, surprisingly.

Okay. I have a list of items I want to accomplish. I’ll be around later.


Happy New Year!

January 1, 2006 at 5:21 pm | Posted in The Good | 2 Comments

Another year has arrived. Did you make any resolutions? Will you keep them? ๐Ÿ˜€


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