Delusions of grandeur

December 18, 2005 at 4:48 am | Posted in The Ugly | 2 Comments

I suffer from them at times. Actually, I suffered from them a good portion of my life. I went to school to be a singer, thinking I was extremely talented. BAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, tonight, I watched a video of one of my cabaret shows. Need I say I sucked? It’s true. I did. I sucked major big time. And this after years and years of training. It’s sad that I wasted so much time on something I was never good at. (sigh) My last teacher was right. I was a good actress, not a singer. (sigh) Several thousand dollars later I realize the truth.

Yeah, I am feeling a bit piteous at the moment. Any one want to join me in my pity pool? LOL




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  1. They will no doubt love the movie!

  2. I bet if I did a equivalent of a cabaret show, I’d suck more than you. Even if I had invested millions of dollars.
    So there 😛

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