Home again. Home again.

November 27, 2005 at 11:46 pm | Posted in The Good | 3 Comments

I am home from my mother’s. It was a wonderful visit… if you don’t count the incident with the scale… the bathroom scale, that is. Yes, I made the mistake of stepping on my mother’s scale. (I wanted to see how much Aurora weighed.) I had gained, and this before Thanksgiving, seven pounds. I was appalled and went on an immediate diet. The only thing is: I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight since as I haven’t been on a scale. (shrug) What am I to do? Besides, my scale may not be the same as my mother’s. (Hers is digital; mine has a dial on it.) Oh, Aurora weighs 20 pounds now.

Perhaps my weight gain is in muscle from carrying her around all of the time. (Yeah. And perhaps California won’t have another earthquake ever again.) I am still on the diet. The problem is not how much I am eating, but what I am eating. You see, my mother sent down a batch of homemade persimmon, oatmeal raisin with walnut, and chocolate chip cookies. Now, my mother’s homemade persimmon cookies are worth committing murder to get. My husband doesn’t care for her persimmon cookies, which is a good and bad thing, you know, because that means more for me. I can easily eat ten of those cookies without blinking an eye. They taste soooo good. However, ten of those cookies adds unnecessary fat calories. Okay. If I replaced those cookies with almonds or fruit or something, I wouldn’t have gained the seven pounds. But, to have those cookies sitting around the house is too tempting. Matter of fact, Mom sent me home with another dozen or two. :p After I stepped on the scale and saw my weight, I haven’t touched one cookie. I don’t know what I am going to do with these cookies, but eating them is not an option. LOL

WARNING: Techie talk to follow. 😀
If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. I have been playing with my mag one a new server. I haven’t actually transferred the domain yet because I want to make sure everything works properly. Well, I am using the CMS (Content Management System) program Joomla, which is an awesome CMS by the way. This new server has the permissions set funky and I am having problems making Joomla work properly. It’s rather frustrating. Because this uses a mySQL database, everything has to be deleted through the admin panel, which isn’t a problem if the permissions are set properly for this to happen. This new server doesn’t. I am not sure how the permissions must be set, but if I don’t delete things through the admin panel, Joomla will still read the file, component, etc., as being still part of the system. (sigh) Just one more glitch. (sigh)

End techie talk.

Aurora is asleep, so I think I’ll unload some of her Christmas presents and do some wrapping while I can. 😀





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  1. I totally agree! In fact as a Christian that is what we are called to do, love without prejudice. I pointed out that “RENT” did in fact portray that message well. Thanks for the constructive comment!

  2. Hey- just read your post… Don’t worry too much about your weight, as long as you keep an eye and stay within your “regular” weight or whatever you consider your weight then your fine! Plus you just had a baby right? Common give yourself a break! I’m sure she is such a little cutie snuggled in your arms!

  3. Awwwww……
    The pics a great!

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